Printing costs are one of the biggest expenses in the business world because printer ink and toner are usually expensive.
To start saving on your ink costs, and put money in your pocket.
Do not just turn on and off your printer unnecessarily.
The truth is that most people do not think about turning on and off their printers, but that could save you a lot of ink.
Do not turn off your printer in the middle of the cycle while printing. Wait for it to complete its cycle, or press the printer undo button and wait for it to stop. If you turn it off while the cartridge is still moving, the printer's head will be forced to stop at the point where you turned it off. This could cause ink leakage and drying of the printer nozzle.
Leave your printer on if you plan to use it again soon. Do not continue to turn it on and off unnecessarily. Your printer uses a small amount of ink during the initialization and warm-up phase each time it is turned on.
And when you want to turn off your printer, turn it off using the printer's on / off switch before turning it off. Your printer is likely to park the ink cartridges and plug them in so they do not dry out. Taking care of your printer and ink helps minimize the number of replacements you will need.
Use the INK-SAVER mode of the printer
Read your printer manual and learn how to access your printer settings. Most printers are equipped with user-friendly software that allows you to access and control printer functions. Look for an INK-SAVER mode that you can enjoy. On some printers, there are DRAFT, FAST DRAFT, or even GRAYSCALE versions.
When you print something for review, this is not the final copy, use the INK-SAVER mode of your printer. It uses a lot less ink and, depending on your printer, can use up to 50% less per page. Then, when you are satisfied with the document and are looking for the best quality, you can select the NORMAL mode according to your needs.
Consider using ink saving software
There are several free and easy-to-use programs that have been produced by various software companies to help you reduce your ink costs. These programs usually work by optimizing the printer data, so your printer uses less ink, even when printing at high resolution. Some are free and available online.
Purchase remanufactured Eclipse cartridges to save up to 60% of your printing costs.
Compatible with Canon, HP, Brother, Lexmark, Xerox, Kodak, Ricoh, Pantum, OKI, Samsung and Epson printers, your Eclipse cartridges will help you print more and pay less. The best care is taken in the production of these cartridges, so when you print, you get a high ink yield and a high quality output, comparable to the OEM cartridges, but at the cost fraction.
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