Photoconductor kits and toner cartridges are two important components of a laser printer. These parts are used for different purposes in laser printing. These parts are not interchangeable and in the absence of a part, the printer will not work. It's pretty clear. However, many people still do not know their differences. Some ask which ones last longer or have a better print quality. Does the photoconductor kit replace the toner cartridges?

The lack of information in most print packages is at the root of these misunderstandings. Since most OEMs focus on aspects such as printer operation, function usage, and basic troubleshooting, the information included on the printer parts is almost nil. That's why people do not know which product to buy to continue their print jobs.

What is a toner cartridge?

A toner cartridge is used to store and distribute the toner to make copies for photocopiers and print pages for printers. Toner cartridges vary for most printers. However, some printers use the same model of toner cartridge.

Toner cartridges have a shorter life than photoconductors. This is mainly because, as the pages are printed, the durability of the toner cartridge deteriorates. Although they can be cleaned and refilled, the print quality will eventually deteriorate. After exceeding the number of refills, the current cartridge must be replaced.

What is a photoconductive kit?

The photoconductive drum consists of a photoconductor kit, also called a drum. This is the part of the laser printer that takes the image of the laser. The drum takes the toner particles from the cartridge and then transfers them to the paper.

Some printers have the photoconductive drum and the toner reservoir in a cartridge. Some printers like the Lexmark E332 have a separate toner cartridge and a photoconductor kit. The design of the printer depends on the OEM manufacturer. A separate photoconductor kit typically lasts much longer than the toner.


A Lexmark E332 photoconductor kit can not be used to replace the toner cartridge. It is designed to replace the drum unit of the printer. On the other hand, a toner cartridge is in charge of the toner supply. If the toner charge is exhausted, users can reload or replace it.

Both the photoconductor kit and the toner cartridge have a limited life. If a Lexmark E332 drum fails, a compatible photoconductor kit or OEM may be purchased instead.

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