How to Install a Printer Without the Installation CD?

This article tells you how you can set up a printer on your computer if you do not have the printer’s software installation disk. You can usually do using the USB cable supplied with your printer, but you may need to download the software directly from the printer’s manufacturer’s website if your printer is an older model.


Here are some steps to help you

  • Make sure the printer is close to the computer.

Most printers are equipped with relatively short USB-to-Printer cables that allow you to connect your printer to your PC to allow direct communication between them. To attach this cable, your printer and computer must be close to each other.

  • Plug your printer’s USB cable into your computer. It should be inserted in one of the USB ports on the side of your laptop or on the back or front of the desktop computer’s CPU (central processing unit) box.

You may also need to plug the non-USB cable into the printer.

If your printer does not have a USB cable, you may need to buy one for your printer before continuing. Lookup the printer’s model number followed by “USB Cable.” If there is no USB cable available for your printer, you will need to install the software manually.

  • Turn on the printer. Press the image of the printer called Windowspower.png.

Press the button to turn on the printer. Then, make sure you wait at least a minute before continuing.

In many cases, you just need to turn the printer on after connecting it to the computer to prompt the installation. When this happens, follow the on-screen instructions until your printer is installed.

If connecting the printer to your computer does not prompt the installation process, continue with the following method.

 Open the starting image called windowsstart.png

Click the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the screen. The Start menu will open.

  • Type “printers and scanners” in the Start field.

This will search for the Printers and Scanners section of your computer.

  • Click Printers and Scanners. You will find it at the top of the Start window.


  • Click on “Add a printer or scanner.” You will find it at the top of the Printers and Scanners window.
  • Click on your printer’s name. It should be in the “Add a printer or scanner” window. Doing so will open the printer’s installation screen.

If your printer’s name does not show, you must click on “The printer that I want is not listed” link, and then select a search option and follow the on-screen prompts. You might have to download the printer’s software before continuing.

  • Follow the on-screen steps for the installation. Each printer will have a distinct installation process. Once the installation process is complete, your printer should work properly.
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