The Brother TN450 Toner Cartridge is a high-capacity, high-performance printer that replaces the original TN450 and TN420 part numbers of the following Brother laser printers: Brother HL-2220, Brother HL-2230, Brother HL-2230 2240, Brother HL-2240, Brother HL-2440D, Brother HL-2270DW, Brother MFC-7360N, Brother MFC-7460DN, Brother MFC-7460DN, Brother DCP-7060D and Brother DCP-7060DN.

If you have one of the above printers, you may have encountered toner error messages such as "Toner Low, Replace Toner, Toner Life end and unrecognized". Do not worry when this happens, it does not mean that the compatible / replacement toner cartridge you have purchased is damaged or defective. This is normal for laser printers, regardless of the make of the printer. But still, we think it would be nice if you also know how to handle the problem and solve it yourself. That's why in today's article, we'll name the steps to reset Brother TN450 toner cartridges when they are not recognized by your printer or when your printer has errors after installation. .

How to reset Brother TN-450 toner cartridges to eliminate toner errors

    Step 1 - Turn off your laser printer or Brother MFC.

    Step 2 - Open the front cover of your Brother Laser / MFC printer and make sure it stays that way throughout the process.

    Step 3 - Hold down the power button while turning on your Brother laser / MFC printer. All LEDs light up and the Ready LED turns off.

    Step 4 - When the Ready LED turns off, release the GO button. All LEDs go out.

    Step 5 - Press the GO button twice (the Toner, Drum and Error LEDs light up).

    Step 6 - Press the GO button 7 times. All LEDs go out, then the error LED lights up.

    Step 7 - When the error LED remains lit, close the front cover. The error LED goes out and the Ready LED flashes briefly.

    Step 8 - Verify that the Ready LED is on and the toner LED is off. Once you're done, you can resume your print jobs.

There is a large selection of Brother Toners, Ink Cartridges and Drum Cartridges, including the Brother TN-450 Toner Cartridge. Compatible Brother TN450 laser toner cartridges are produced to meet or exceed the performance of an original Brother TN450 at a much more reasonable price. Every Brother TN-450 Toner Cartridge is tested for print quality and durability before shipping it to your home.

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