How to reset Brother TN-350 Cartridges

Reset Instructions for the Brother TN-350 Series

When you change your TN-350 toner cartridge for your Brother printer, your cartridge may not be recognized. The printer indicates "Empty Cartridge" or the "Toner" light continues to flash. We reassure you, your cartridge is not defective, it is a known and recognized situation on Brother printers with both original cartridges, remanufactured and compatible. There is a solution, depending on the model of your printer, HL, DCP or MFC, you need to do a small reset operation so that your cartridge is recognized as being full by your device. Once the procedure is applied correctly, you will be able to use your device and print normally.

Before you perform a reset procedure, first make sure that your TN-350 cartridge has been installed according to the Brother instructions in your manual. Brother's instructions are different from one device to another. If the cartridge has been installed according to Brother's instructions and your cartridge still does not appear to be recognized, use the appropriate reset procedure as described below.



- Open the front cover to access the cartridge

- Press the "Options" key. The display will show the following message: "Replace Drum (Ignore this message) Proceed to step 3

- Press the keys *, 1,1 in this order precisely

- The display will show the message "Accepted" for approximately 2 seconds and then it will display the message: "Cover open"

- Close the lid to complete the operation




- Close the printer

- Open the front cover of the Printer to access the cartridge

- Press and hold down the "GO" key

- Turn on the printer while keeping the "Go" key pressed

- Release the "Go" button once the 3 LED lights are on

- Press the "GO" button 2 times. This will cause the LED lights to come on and stay on

- Once the lights are on, weigh the "GO" button 5 times

- End of life toner resets

- Close the front cover

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