How to Reset My Printer’s Region?

You plan to travel abroad and take your printer with you? Maybe you’re moving to South Africa and would like to take your printer with you?

It may not work properly or you may not find the right printer cartridges. All this is because regions are “locked” on your X brand printer.

What does it mean?

It basically means that a printer bought in a region (such as South Africa) will not accept printer cartridges designed for another region (such as the United Kingdom). The first time you use a printer, it is automatically set to use only the printer cartridges manufactured for your specific country or region. So, if you’re trying to use an ink cartridge or toner cartridge that you bought in one country with a printer bought from another country, you’ll probably get one of the following error messages:

  • Incompatible Cartridges
  • Cartridge not intended for this printer
  • Incorrect Cartridges.

Fortunately, you can fix this. All you have to do is reset your printer’s region.


So how do I reset my printer’s region?

First, you will need to contact your printer’s customer support by calling your printer’s support number. Before you call customer support, make sure that you have a complete set of new ink cartridges and that your printer is turned on and connected to a computer.

Ask them about the steps to follow to reset your printer’s region. They will probably tell you to find a specific set of figures at the top of a test page.

Print the test page and find those numbers. Then, they will tell you which printer settings to access and will give you a special code to type in there. This will give you another code to read.

Then, they will ask you to turn off your printer for 2 or 3 minutes before restarting it. Your printer’s region should now be reset.

Resetting your region is free of charge as long as your printer or your cartridges are under warranty.

Remember that after you have reset the region, you will only be able to buy and use printer cartridges that are designed for this specific region. Each printer can have 3 region resets before its region is locked up for good, so try to avoid resetting your region too many times.

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