Brother strongly recommends that customers use only original drum units and / or Brother toner cartridges. Each Brother laser printer is designed to operate at pre-set temperatures that exactly match each of our toner formulations. Each individual component is designed to work together to ensure quality and reliability. Use of non-Brother supplies may affect the hardware performance, print quality, and reliability of the machine. The Brother Limited Warranty does not apply to problems caused by the use of third-party drum units, toner cartridges, or toner.

Have you replaced the toner cartridge with a NEW, ready-to-use, genuine Brother?

(TN720, TN750 or TN780)?

Follow these steps to resolve the problem you are having:

1- Open the front door of the toner compartment.

2- The printer screen should read "The front cover is open".

3- press the "delete" key on the front panel of the printer.

4- The printer will say: "Replace the drum?"

5- Here, do not press 1 but type "* 00" "on the keyboard.

6- The display shows "Accepted". Close the door

Reset the Low Toner Message for HL Series Printers

These steps will help you reset the low toner message:

1- Open the front door

2- Turn off the printer

3- While holding down the GO button, turn on the printer again.

4- When all four LEDs light up, release the GO button. All LEDs go out

5- Press the GO button twice. 3 LEDs light up continuously

6- Press the GO key 5 times

7- The paper light will blink

8- At this point, the end-of-life state of the toner has been reset.

Also, just a reminder, the timing is important here, so do not stop between two button presses


- If a toner cartridge from another machine has been installed (even if there is toner remaining in the used cartridge), the message "Replace Toner" or "Toner Low" will continue to appear on the screen. To clear the message, a new genuine Brother toner must be installed.

- Open the front cover and remove the drum and toner.


We recommend that you put the toner and drum unit on a sheet of paper in case of spills or toner spills.

- Remove the gray toner cartridge from the black drum by holding the green lock lever on the right side of the drum unit and lift the toner cartridge.

- Gently rock the toner cartridge from side to side.

- Reinstall the toner cartridge into the drum unit.

- Reinstall the drum and toner unit in the printer and close the front cover.

- If the error is not corrected, the toner cartridge has reached the end of its life span and will need to be replaced with a new, genuine, unused Brother.

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