Thanks to technology, customers now have a greater choice of printing options. When buying inkjet printers, in particular, decide whether you prefer an inkjet printer that uses an ink tank rather than a printer that uses ink cartridges.

Until recently, manufacturers sold printers for the home at a relatively low price because they relied on branded ink cartridges that were expensive to make a profit. However, nowadays, manufacturers make printers that have refillable ink tanks instead. Printers with rechargeable ink tanks can last for up to two years in a typical home.


What are the differences between ink tanks and ink cartridges?

Ink cartridges

Ink cartridges refer to ink containers that have an integrated print head. These little boxes of ink

(Cartridges) are filled with liquid ink, which is then used by the printer to print the documents or images you need from your device. Most printers that can print in color come with a black cartridge and a color cartridge that combines 3 primary colors for a variety of color combinations. Whenever a cartridge is depleted, it can be replaced or recharged; it is generally much cheaper to refill a cartridge than to buy a brand new one.

Ink tanks

Unlike cartridges, ink tanks do not contain an integrated print head. The ink tanks have an individual color, cyan, yellow and magenta tanks, as well as an easily refillable black tank with ink bottles. Compared to inkjet printers that use cartridges, rechargeable ink tank models tend to be more expensive at first. However, you will end up saving money in the long run with the following benefits:

- Reduced printing costs

- Availability of inexpensive refill bottles.


What is better? Ink tank or ink cartridge

In terms of performance, there are no known differences attributable to the print quality between print cartridges and ink tanks. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the printing costs you are used to printing are very high.

The experience with ordinary printers that use ink cartridges is much higher than that of ink tank printers.

However, a printer that has a rechargeable ink tank typically costs more than twice the price of a refillable ink printer (which uses cartridges), it may take some time before the customer actually starts to save money. Replacing the cartridges can also be expensive because the printheads need to be replaced each time a cartridge ink runs out.

As a result, households or businesses that are relatively large users of cartridges can make considerable savings in the end by replacing their printer with a printer equipped with a reservoir.


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