There is no simple answer to this question. The causes can be multiple. It can be triggered by almost anything, whether it's a cartridge declared empty by the printer, an outdated or defective chip, a missing or incorrectly installed cartridge (not properly engaged ), ink on the chip or printer contacts. It may also indicate a hardware defect in the printer itself.

Note: It is quite normal to see the 'Unrecognized Ink Cartridges' error with Epson ink cartridges almost empty / empty.

Error 'Ink cartridges can not be recognized' Can it be corrected?

Generally yes, unless you have received the Epson driver / firmware update. If, for example, the printer does not recognize one or more ink cartridges after activating an update, there may not be much to do other than buying one or more new Epson cartridges. Once an update is in your system, there is no way to get rid of it. The printer driver update can not be deleted by deleting files, programs, and so on. Even formatting your hard drive and reinstalling the original printer driver (from disk) will have no effect. Why ? The driver update can permanently change the printer firmware (in the printer itself) and there is no easy solution for it. The only thing you can do at this point is to disable future updates and purchase an original Epson cartridge set, wait for compatible, rechargeable or CISS cartridges to be available, or to discard the printer. to buy another one. This time, be very careful and do not activate the driver updates in the process.

Note: Some printer model drivers may not offer the option to disable driver updates during the configuration process. With these printers, you may need to manually deselect updates after installing the printer and / or configure your firewall to reject / warn of any system updates that attempt to download to your computer. . Each printer and operating system handles driver updates differently, but the general principle is the same.

How to fix the error "Epson ink cartridges can not be recognized"?

"Ink cartridges can not be recognized" are errors that are not related to updating the printer driver, or "an empty cartridge" may mean that a cartridge is not properly engaged, that chip is dirty, defective, or the chip contacts (in the printer) are damaged. Try to follow the steps below to determine which one is involved. Make sure the printer is turned on unless otherwise specified.

1- Remove / install the "unrecognized" ink cartridge. Epson's "ink cartridges can not be recognized" error may simply mean that the cartridges are not snapped properly. If the message 'Ink cartridges can not be recognized' appears again, try repeating this process once before proceeding to the next step.

2- Remove all ink cartridges and inspect the cartridge chips. If it is dirty or dirty, wipe off all the chips with a damp paper tissue and polish with a dry cloth. Put the cartridges back into the printer. If the message "Unrecognized Cartridges" appears again, proceed to the next step.

3- Remove all ink cartridges, close the printer cover, and turn off the printer. Turn the printer back on and install only the original cartridge; unrecognized. Close the printer cover and / or press the 'Ink' button, wait while the printer 'checks the ink cartridges' and see if it now recognizes the 'defective' cartridge. If so, install all remaining ink cartridges, then close the lid and / or press the "Ink" button. If the same error reappears, repeat this process one more time, before proceeding to the next step.

4- If you still have the original set of cartridges that came with your printer (or any other cartridge), try installing this game. If the error goes away, it would indicate that your other "unrecognized" cartridges / chips "may be defective. If the same message 'Ink not recognized' appears with the replacement (for the same cartridges), proceed to the next step.

5- Remove all cartridges and inspect the chip contacts (in the printer). Epson printers use a series of gold-plated thin-wire contacts against which the cartridge chip slides and presses when the cartridge is installed. These contacts can corrode or adhere to the chip, especially if they have already been contaminated with ink. The threads can sometimes bend, or even tear, with the cartridge when removed. If so, there may not be much you can do to fix it other than repair the printer.

Note: If you can find the missing wire contact and it is not damaged, it is sometimes possible to push it back into its slot. It's complicated and you need good eyes, but it's feasible.
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tazi email jt@menara.ma
January 31, 2019
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