There is a wide variation between different models of inkjet printers. Variations are simply more subtle in laser printers than in inkjet printers. For example, consider the dilemma between drum units and toner cartridges.

These two components of laser printers are considered consumables. However, some brands or models of laser printers are structured so that you do not have to replace both. In some models, you only have to replace one component regularly while in others, the two are separated.

f you own and use laser printers for some time, you already know what the implications of drum units are for toner cartridges. This would be especially true if you yourself have serviced your laser printers. However, most laser printer users fail to focus on drum units versus toner cartridges.

Nevertheless, understanding the implications of drum units over toner cartridges can be crucial for both your pocket and your print quality. Here is a small guide to drum units versus toner cartridges designed to help you better understand the nuances.


1- Why the question of drum units against toner cartridges?

The question of drum units versus toner cartridges arises because of the different way in which laser printers are structured. All modern laser printers contain these two components. However, in most modern laser printers such as HP laser printers, the drum unit and the toner cartridges are housed in a single unit. On the other hand, in Brother laser printers, both are separated.

This means that when you run out of toner or your drum is damaged, you will need to change the entire unit in HP laser printers while in Brother laser printers you can change one or the other separately. Because both the combined units and the individual units are available, the question of drum units versus toner cartridges arises in the minds of the owners of laser printers.


2- Drums and toner cartridges: When to change?

The Brother Drum Unit, as already mentioned, in laser printers that work with combined units, you will need to change the entire unit each time the toner runs out or the drum unit is damaged.

This means that if you run out of toner, you will eventually replace the drum unit even if it was in working order.

Likewise, if the drum unit does not work properly, you will have to discard the toner because you can not change the drum unit alone.

Generally, this is not a big problem because the drum units in the combined housing structure are never damaged.


3- What is the impact of costs in both situations?

In fact, if you use a lot of your laser printers, you are already asking this question. So how do the combined units and individual units affect your finances?

Combined units of drum units and toner cartridges tend to cost a lot more than individual toner cartridges.

With regard to the type of printer that is best, you need to consider the life of the drum units. Individual drum units can generally last longer than two or three individual toner cartridges. Thus, in the long run, laser printers that allow individual replacements may be a better option.


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