Inkjet Printers: They are cheap to buy, easy to use but expensive to maintain. It is no secret that inkjet printer manufacturers are almost giving their printers to make you addicted to their line of ink cartridges. Cell phone companies use the same business model; sell you a $ 700 phone for next to nothing and make up the difference in high monthly bills for the duration of your contract.

Printers do not come with contracts, so you have many options. When your ink level is low, you can choose from three types of replacement cartridges:

What is an OEM cartridge?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges are cartridges that your printer manufacturer relies on you to buy. They are the most expensive because that is how manufacturers make their money selling printers at a very low price.

What is a compatible cartridge (non-OEM)?

(Off Brand) are cartridges manufactured by third-party manufacturers and are manufactured to the same specifications as OEM ink cartridges. All compatible cartridges are not equal because the quality depends on the brand. A compatible cartridge purchased from a reliable source provides quality prints and is always less expensive than the original cartridge.

Compatible cartridge types:

  • The new compatible cartridges are made from 100% new materials.
  • Remanufactured Cartridges (also known as Remanufactured Cartridges) are empty OEM cartridges diverted from the landfill, cleaned, repaired, refilled with ink, and tested to ensure they print as the original.

OEM vs Compatibles cartridges

Let's face it, manufacturers want you to buy their ink. There is nothing wrong with OEM cartridges, just that they are far too expensive. From the consumer's point of view, when you buy one cartridge at a time, it may not seem like a lot of money. But once you add up the cost of OEM ink and compare it with the price of a compatible cartridge, the difference is staggering. Here are some reasons why most people opt for compatible printer cartridges from a trusted provider.

Why most people use remanufactured ink

  • They are good for the environment. Each refurbished cartridge is one less cartridge in a landfill.
  • They are good for communities. Remanufacturers often purchase a large volume of used cartridges through community recycling programs and fundraising initiatives.
  • They work just as well when remanufactured properly. Some companies just drill and fill used cartridges.
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