A compatible ink cartridge is a cartridge that is not manufactured by the original manufacturer or the brand of the printer.

Why are compatible ink cartridges so popular?

Basically, it will give you the same or more capacity to print a given number of pages and a lower cost. If you buy it from a reliable source.

Major brands spend about 80% of their budget on marketing and printer discounts for ink cartridge products.

Most compatible ink cartridges cost between 25 and 40% of the retail price of branded cartridges.

Which ink cartridges are compatible exactly?

Compatible ink cartridges (also known as replacement ink cartridges) are cartridges that have been produced by a third party and not by the original manufacturer of the printer, but the compatible ink cartridges are designed to meet OEM specifications, so that quality can be assured. "


What are the benefits of using compatible ink cartridges?

Save money ... even more money. Compatible ink cartridges are not only cheaper than original OEM cartridges, but also remanufactured cartridges. The compatible version of the popular Canon PGI-220BK ink cartridge, for example, is more than 60% cheaper (money saving) than the original OEM version of the same cartridge. Compared to its remanufactured counterpart, the PGI-220BK is still 30% cheaper (even more money).

In another example, the Brother LC61BK compatible version is almost 60% cheaper than the OEM version and 20% cheaper than the remanufactured version.


Does the purchase and use of a compatible ink cartridge void the warranty of my printer?

No. Using a compatible ink cartridge does not void the warranty of your printer. This is due to antitrust legislation passed by the US Congress in 1975 entitled Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

How many pages can I print with my compatible ink cartridge?

The number of pages you can print depends entirely on the compatible ink cartridge itself, as some cartridges perform better than others. The current standards of the printing industry provide a return (estimated number of printed pages) based on 5% coverage of the page (5% of the page is printed). For example: a compatible ink cartridge with a yield of 5,000 gives about 5,000 pages printed at a coverage of 5% per page.


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