Why Does my Cartridge Seem to Print Fewer Pages Than Usual?


How long does a printer’s ink last?

You might find that you’re often buying ink cartridges for your printer without always getting the same number of prints before it is empty. You might also find that you are not getting the number of prints indicated by the many websites that sell these ink or toner cartridges. In fact, print quantities shown on these online sites are only intended as a guideline and give you a general idea; they do not indicate the exact number of prints you will get. Each printer is different. Numerous factors can affect the efficiency of the cartridge; it is mostly what you print that affects the number of pages your cartridge will produce. So, there is no specific answer to the question, “How long does an ink cartridge last?


How many pages can I print with a cartridge?

As mentioned above, each printer is different, and so is each ink cartridge. This means that there is no simple answer to that question. Here’s a very simple way to look at it: Imagine that you and a friend each have a glass of water. You’re not thirsty, but your friend really is. How long will your glass of water remain full? It will be different for each of you because your friend is thirsty and will probably drink much faster than you will. The same goes for printers.


What is the page yield?

In short, a page yield or a duty cycle refers to the maximum number of pages that your cartridge should print before it runs out of ink or toner.

However, things are not that simple.

For years, each major manufacturer had his own internal methods for calculating page yield and duty cycle. This caused problems. For example, HP concluded that one of their black toners had a 2500-page yield/duty cycle. Brother developed an equivalent toner which it reported as having a 3000 pages yield/duty cycle. Each manufacturer had tested its toner in a completely different way.


What could affect your page yield/duty cycle?

You might buy a cartridge with a 2000-page print capacity at 5% page coverage, but if your pages are packed with text and images, each page will consume more than 5% of the cartridge and you won’t achieve the estimated yield (2000 pages). After all, it’s factors such as the amount of text, color, and images on a page that impacts ink usage and, ultimately, the overall cartridge yield/cycle (the number of pages).



It is impossible to specify the exact number of pages that you will be able to print with your cartridge. What’s more, an old printer could be less effective than a more recent one, which would also affect the cartridge yield.


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